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Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins in EAM

A Great Feature Of SpaceIQ by Eptura Is Its Ability To Virtually Simulate and Optimize Assets Before Costing Time and Money To Do It In The Real World

Remember when you were young and had to ask out someone you liked and how nervous you were? What if you could have run through all of the different scenarios that could have happened and seen which one would have worked best? You could try asking differently or a different location, like someplace romantic. Or, what if no matter how you asked them, the other person would always say "no"?

While it's not like dating, the world of cutting-edge technology and transformative solutions give you the ability to do just that. Simulate a real-world scenario multiple times before actually implementing it.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the realm of digital twins and explore how SpaceIQ's EAM platform, in collaboration with the expertise of the Absolute Facility Solutions (AFS) team, is revolutionizing asset management practices by allowing you to discover this game-changing potential to reshape the way businesses optimize their valuable assets.

Unveiling the Potential of Digital Twins in EAM

At the forefront of this technological revolution is the concept of digital twins. Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical assets, capturing real-time data and providing a holistic view of their performance, condition, and maintenance needs. 

Digital twins are commonly connected to Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and  Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. These systems utilize the workplace data gathered by a digital twin and leverage it to make informed decisions regarding various aspects such as maintenance and space utilization. By integrating these technologies, organizations can optimize their operations and enhance efficiency based on real-time insights provided by the digital twin.

That means looking at the three main digital twin service functions: modeling, simulation, and management.

Digital Twins for Modeling

In its most basic practical sense, a digital twin is a model. It’s the digital manifestation of a physical workplace. As such, it provides context for space application, utilization, and dynamics. Digital twins offer comprehensive modeling capabilities that allow physical space insights and mapping for assets and personnel. Modeling allows space and facility managers to see exactly what space is available to them within the context of a broader whole.

Beyond space and assets, digital twins have the ability to recreate the many variables of an environment (with the right sensors). What’s the temperature on the third floor right now? Does the building on Main Street have power right now? Do the pressure sensors in the fifth-floor conference room indicate it’s occupied? Digital twins model real-time environments. They’re not just a digital map of a building—they’re a living, breathing representation of it.

Digital Twins for Simulations

Digital twins unlock the power of simulation by providing a real-time representation of a building or workspace. This enables the testing of different scenarios and "what if" situations without causing any disruptions in real life. When combined with IWMS and EAM software, the simulation capabilities of digital twins become even more robust.

Imagine you want to relocate the photocopier from Room 204 to Room 220. Will it be more accessible to people in its new location? In the event of a fire, what is the safest emergency exit path for Carol, who sits on the third floor? How many desks will you gain if you convert all the conference rooms on the fourth floor into hoteling stations? These are the types of questions that arise during the modeling process. Instead of changing the physical environment and potentially facing undesirable consequences, digital twins provide valuable insights and allow for informed decision-making.

The more data is fed into a digital twin and integrated with other systems, the more powerful the simulation capabilities become. Data is the key to unlocking this power, and digital twins serve as a centralized hub for harnessing and utilizing that data effectively.

Digital Twins for Management

Lastly, whether it's space management, asset management, or process management, digital twins offer a powerful tool for planning, simulating, deploying, and managing changes within an organization. The cycle of data, change, more data, and more change is facilitated by the central presence of a digital twin, which serves as a comprehensive system of record and a dynamic sandbox for managing critical systems.

To maximize the benefits, it is crucial to establish connections between the digital twin and IWMS or other platforms. These integrations provide essential context and reporting capabilities, enabling informed decision-making and driving better management practices. Organizations can effectively optimize their resources, streamline processes, and achieve improved outcomes by leveraging the insights the digital twin provides in conjunction with these management systems.

Organizations Can Drive Future Growth and Innovation Using the Right Platform and Partner

Organizations can proactively identify maintenance needs, predict potential issues, and optimize asset performance by leveraging digital twins. This level of data-driven decision-making reduces costs, minimizes downtime, and fosters sustainable growth. Integrating SpaceIQ's EAM software utilizing a partner, such as AFS, can help businesses gain a competitive edge in asset management, driving innovation and staying ahead in today's dynamic business landscape.

Implementing an EAM software solution requires expertise and guidance to integrate into existing workflows successfully. This is where we come into play. Our deep knowledge of EAM platforms and industry best practices guide businesses through the implementation process and work closely to customize the software, optimize processes, and train personnel, paving the way for a seamless transition to digital twin-enabled asset management.

Contact our team to learn more about digital twin implementation and how we can help save costs and time through this new method of simulating real-world activities.

To learn more, request a no-obligation product demonstration.