TIPS provides a proven, streamlined process that eliminates the purchasing stress for members.


TIPS the Interlocal Purchasing System Contract

Purchasing is a necessary activity for any business or organization.  We provide a proven process to eliminate purchasing related stress for governmental entities.

Contact TIPS and let us simplify your life. For more information, see the following resources:


Absolute Facility Solutions, LLC (AFS) will pass on any included manufacturer warranties at the time of purchase. In addition, we will work with customers and end users to provide all extended warranty, maintenance and service programs available at the time of quote. AFS can assist in providing contact and process information for OEMs as needed.

AFS Products & Services

TIPS Contract Details

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Purchase Order Processing Procedure

  1. Visit the TIPS website at: and search “All Contracts” or  ”All Vendors” to locate Absolute Facility Solutions LLC
  2. When completing a TIPS purchase, the TIPS Member must request a TIPS Quote from the TIPS Vendor with the TIPS Contract Number CONTRACT: 230102 or CONTRACT: 230105 referenced on the quote. You can easily request a quote using the TIPS Member Portal
  3. If the Member decides to proceed with the purchase, the Member must submit the TIPS Quote & PO (payable to the awarded TIPS Vendor) both referencing the TIPS Contract Number, to
  4. Please note that all vendor instructions must be included on the PO as vendor instructions detailed in the body of the email to are not seen by the Vendor. 
  5. Member payment will be made directly to the Vendor by the Member as agreed by the parties. In the event a Member submits PO directly to Vendor that is NOT an “Automated Vendor”, it must be immediately forwarded to TIPS marked as “confirmation only” within 30 days of the issue date. 

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Contact Information

Contract Questions
Michelle Ray
800-527-4135 ex. 2

Sales Support
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Terms & Conditions

The AFS TIPS contract and related services consist of CONTRACT: 230102 or CONTRACT: 230105. Always review the product and services listed before ordering and always place contract number, CONTRACT: 230102 or CONTRACT: 230105, on the Purchase Order in order to invoke the terms and conditions of this agreement.