Space Connect Workspace Optimization

Space Connect Workspace Optimization

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Space Connect empowers small to mid-sized businesses to effortlessly enhance their desk allocation, visitor management, and meeting space utilization, creating a cohesive team environment. Experience a seamless flow of collaboration and communication across your distributed team, regardless of their geographic locations, through virtual meeting rooms and advanced video conferencing capabilities.

Benefit from enterprise-grade features seamlessly integrated into the platform, all with the added convenience of rapid same-day setup. By leveraging Space Connect, you can transform your physical workspace, revolutionizing your work approach, collaborative efforts, and overall growth trajectory.

Elevate your workspace management with Space Connect and witness its positive impact on how you operate, interact, and prosper.

Capabilities include

  • Desk Management: Effortlessly organize and allocate desk spaces, ensuring optimal utilization and a streamlined work environment.
  • Visitor Management: Seamlessly welcome and manage visitors, enhancing professionalism and security within your workspace.
  • Meeting Management: Simplify meeting room reservations and scheduling, ensuring efficient use of collaborative spaces.
  • Data & Analytics: Gain valuable insights into workspace usage patterns and trends, empowering informed decision-making for enhanced productivity.
  • Mobile App: Take control of your workspace on the go with our intuitive mobile app, offering convenience and flexibility at your fingertips.

With Space Connect, experience a workspace transformation that aligns with your business goals, fostering growth and productivity. Witness the future of workspace management today!

Hardware Integrations

  • Crestron
  • Ladea
  • Qbic
  • XY Sense
  • Yealink

Software Integrations

  • Crestron
  • Microsoft 365
  • G-Suite
  • MS Teams
  • Okta Identity & Access Management
  • Exchange Hybrid

Purchase Options

As a leading Space Connect integration partner, interested parties can purchase Space Connect directly from AFS. The solution can also be purchased through one of the following contracts. Click on the logo for more details.

If you are interested in a no-obligation demo or to discuss your specific needs,
contact us.

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