Application Support

No two groups or organizations are ever alike. For this reason, many customers also engage us to personalize the product platform to suit their organization. Personalization reduces the training required for personnel to become familiar with the system and produces reporting that is more relevant to the organization, increasing the adoption of the platform. Additionally, we provide any necessary configuration and customization to meet our customer’s needs.

Consulting Services

Utilizing our customer-side experience, we are able to work with various groups in your organization to help them determine the right solution, the right implementation plan, and even determine what information should be in the system. We can also work with you to review in-house software packages to determine if any integration is necessary. We believe a strategic approach to the product roll-out will result in higher buy-in from end users, better results, and better quality data for upper management.

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Cloud Hosting Services

With managed cloud, you can tap the power of the cloud for your strategic business goals without the frustration, cost, and time of managing it yourself. Our support team is here to make your products run well with optimal up-time and daily support.

CAD & BIM Services

We have been operating CAD for over 30 years in the A/E and Facilities industry.  We can provide organizations with updated floor plans, convert paper drawings to AutoCAD, connect drawings to their database, or provide web-based or PDF based drawings with key data and highlights for reporting to management.  In conjunction with a field survey, we can also provide your organization with new or updated plans based on any data gathered in the field.  For space we have been certified and using BOMA Standards for over 10 years, as well as other method of measurement.  Additionally, we have worked multiple projects in Revit and can work to connect your Revit data back to your database as well as a cleanup of the model data sets.


Field Surveys

Whether your organization is trying to get a better view of the space and it's use, or the location of people and assets, a field survey might be the best solution. With our experience in space and move management, we can help your organization plan and execute a field survey to gather the information and push data directly into a database. We can send a team out to measure space and provide updated floor plans or gather the location of assets, including people, fire safety devices, furniture, equipment, exterior asset locations, etc.