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When managing the workplace operations of the modern employee, space utilization is an essential aspect to consider. Even if you are an established business, the way you utilize your office space is critical for maintaining operational excellence and enhancing the employee experience. A focused, software-driven approach to space planning can empower enterprises to optimize, adapt and allocate facility space like never before.

If you’re considering using space planning software to plan or reimagine your office, SpaceIQ is among the top applications you should consider.

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What is SpaceIQ?

SpaceIQ is cloud-based space planning software designed to help you optimize your workplace. It analyzes space-related data and then delivers office designs that improve productivity. It has both CAFM and IWMS capabilities, which you can use alongside your workplace and real estate data to lower operation costs.

SpaceIQ’s integrated assistant pieces data together to enable you to make practical decisions. When used effectively, the software provides relevant insights that impact your company’s workspaces, facilities, and employees’ opinions about them. Whether you want to optimize an existing space or improve your company’s culture, this software has data-driven resources to help you meet whichever objectives
you set.

Benefits of enterprise asset management system and facility management software & solutions

SpaceIQ Space Planning Software Features

SpaceIQ is an umbrella term for three industry-leading software applications; SiQ, Serraview, and Archibus. Each application is unique, focusing on one core area of the business landscape. The applications work together to provide you with everything you need to thrive in a highly dynamic and modern workplace. 


Administration tools

SpaceIQ can help with your move management and ticketing needs and improve the efficiency of your room allocation and desk booking. The application has digital resources you can use to automate most workplace administration tasks and build a framework that helps you oversee activities within
the facility.


Visual Planning

Before you go physical, you need to have a visual representation of what your reimagined office will look like. SpaceIQ has tools that help with visual office diagramming and planning, plus the visual interpretations of all the plans. The software relies on GIS integrations and CAD designs to provide detailed visuals of your new office.


Compliance Standards

Considering many companies operate under a set of regulatory standards, they need software specifically designed to support these efforts. This application is critical for regulatory compliance with internal standards or external requirements. Whether it’s EPA, HIPAA, or LEED, SpaceIQ can help
track them all.


Facility management

SpaceIQ has all the resources and tools you need to create synergies and improve oversight in your business for effective management of your facility’s space utilization needs. The software makes it easy to pair concepts to a suitable space, whether you need new desking opportunities like desk neighborhoods, hotel desking, or an open office plan. With this software, you can optimize waste management, grounds management, and
project planning. 


Space Chargeback

When you bill your department managers for using office space internally, they will strive to reduce space waste. When you do this across many departments, you will significantly minimize occupancy costs like taxes, housekeeping, utilities, and more. SpaceIQ’s Archibus has tools you can set up to calculate and report space-associated costs for better decision-making and improved space efficiency.


Forecasting and Analytics

Modern offices are largely data-driven. To optimize your productivity, efficiency, occupancy, utilization, and other critical office-related metrics, you must gather, analyze, and interpret data to help make the right decisions. SpaceIQ makes monitoring your space utilization trends easy, allowing you to better plan for mid and long-term growth. The software will help you with everything, from budgeting to analysis, forecasting, and implementation.


Third-party integrations

Being a cloud-based system, SpaceIQ can integrate with other applications, including bookkeeping, finance, access control, communication apps, and other specialty software. With such capabilities, it’s easier to coordinate vital facility functions.

Expertise Across Multiple Industries

We also help streamline your processes and align your software configuration to best meet your business needs. We further support you with ongoing training, discovery workshops, and clear and consistent communication. Our services include:


Global Corporations


Commercial Clients


Federal, State & Local Governments




Higher Education


K-12 Schools

Is SpaceIQ Software Worth It?

A robust space planning software like SpaceIQ brings compounded benefits that enable you to get more value out of your spaces with real-time space visualization. Simply put, it’s the dedicated space management software you need to seamlessly and efficiently manage your office and campus spaces. 

Feel free to request a demo to better understand what the product is like in practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) and Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) are both software solutions used for managing facilities and real estate. CAFM is primarily focused on managing facility-related tasks, such as space management, maintenance, and asset tracking. In contrast, IWMS provides a broader range of functionality, including real estate management, project management, lease accounting, and more.

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is a software platform that provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing their facilities, assets, real estate, and operations. IWMS combines various software modules, such as Workplace Management, Real Estate Management, and Space Management, into one integrated platform. IWMS provides real-time data and analytics that enable organizations to optimize space utilization, improve workplace efficiency, reduce costs, and make informed decisions. It also supports compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements, maintenance planning, and other critical facility management functions.

Facilities management software (FMS) is a tool used to help manage and organize building maintenance and operations. Some common features of FMS include work order management, asset tracking, space management, energy management, inventory management, and preventative maintenance scheduling. The software can help reduce costs, streamline maintenance tasks, and improve operational efficiency. FMS is typically used by facilities managers, property owners, and building engineers in various industries such as healthcare, education, government, and commercial real estate.

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