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ARCHIBUS is the leading provider of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management software and solutions. It provides timely, accurate facilities reports to help organizations of all sizes get the most value from campuses, buildings, workspaces and other real estate assets.

AFS specializes in implementing Archibus products to help you streamline your operations and management. We support the following suite of Archibus products:


These four complete modules support your space reporting needs so you can improve accuracy, integrate reports and operations and boost efficiency. The module includes:

  • Inventory Tracking - Tracks actual square footage, space types and departmental allocations to help you decrease occupancy costs.
  • Occupancy - Tracks where your people are sitting, room availability, occupancy and vacancy rates and more.
  • Space Chargeback - Supports accurate chargeback reporting.
  • Space Planning - Helps you proactively prepare for the growth of your organization and predict future space needs.
  • Project Moves - Lets you streamline the entire move/add/change process including the ability to view move projects
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This module helps you manage and document care and maintenance of your facilities to decrease downtime, minimize repair expenses and increase the performance of your employees or contractors. The module includes:

  • Corrective - Allows you to submit requests and track progress every step of the way until completion. This includes reporting on time spent and comparisons of estimated vs. actual costs.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Features planning and forecasting tools to help your organization schedule service for equipment at various locations.
  • Condition Assessment - Lets you track inspection items, generate work requests and log completion for all assessment items.
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Archibus Asset Management tracks your real property and fixed assets including locations, number of assets, their conditions, status, work performed, depreciation and warranties. This covers furniture, equipment, telecom equipment, software and more.

  • Enterprise Assets - Integrates strategic real estate planning, capital planning, portfolio project management, finance and operations information and aligns it with your organization’s objectives.
  • Asset Management - Extends the asset inventory to include optimization of all assets throughout their full operational life cycle: acceptance, operational use, re-purposing and disposal.
  • Telecom Assets - Traces and tracks all the IT assets within your building.
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Real Property

Portfolio Management collects and aggregates all portfolio items into a single consolidated overview. The module includes:

  • Strategic Financial Analysis - Collects information from every module and makes it easy to access and view from one place.
  • Portfolio - Tracks current and projected holdings, leased vs. owned space, building cost performance and other details to help you make more informed and insightful decisions.
  • Advanced Forecasting - Makes cost projections and simplifies portfolio planning and forecasting to support multifaceted strategic space planning requirements.
  • Leases - Automates your lease administration processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors and avoid penalties.
  • Costs - Increases budgeting accuracy with cash flow reports that generate cost projections for leases, buildings, properties and accounts.
  • Chargeback & Invoicing - Provides chargeback reporting and account invoice tracking.
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Capital Projects

This domain covers the following four modules:

  • Capital Budgeting - To master the capital budget cycle to achieve improved, centralized strategic planning across your organization.
  • Projects - To manage projects from an owner's perspective, tracking from creation to closeout and reporting on all projects side-by-side.
  • Commissioning - Helps collect, coordinate and share building information to identify and correct design/build issues prior to occupancy.
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Sustainability & Risk

This tool gives your organization the tools to track and monitor risks in the following modules:

  • Sustainability Assessment - Measure performance indicators and mitigate risk to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint and achieve other environmental goals.
  • Energy - Track and manage energy use to control costs, reduce carbon footprint and mitigate risk.
  • Green Building - Achieve carbon footprint and environmental sustainability certification goals for individual buildings or across an entire portfolio.
  • Emergency Preparedness - Lets users view egress and occupancy plans, as well as chemical, material, and facility hazards, and safety and system zones within floor plans to provide critical safety information to emergency responders.
  • Waste - Track and manage waste streams from generation through disposition to minimize health and regulatory risk.
  • Compliance - Manage complex compliance requirements proactively to help mitigate risk, ensure safe work environments and reduce administrative burdens.
  • Hazard Abatement - Streamline the time-consuming and highly-regulated process of identifying and abating indoor environmental hazards.
  • Health & Safety - Gain control over workplace safety incidents, personal protective equipment (PPE), training, medical monitoring and work restrictions.
  • Hazardous Materials - Track the location of critical information for all materials in the building.
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Workplace Services

Improve your workplace operations using the following tools:

  • Workplace - Connect everyone to a web-based Workplace Experience that supports teams, projects, and daily needs.
  • Reservations - Allows users to look up and reserve available space based on configuration, equipment and room size needs while integrating with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Hoteling - Lets your remote and floating employees reserve an office when they need to be on-site or are traveling to other offices within your organization.
  • Service Desk - Provides users with the ability to submit requests such as IT requests routed internally, maintenance requests converted to work requests or external vendor service tickets like equipment repairs.
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Extensions & Framework

Archibus allows you to integrate other products as needed including:

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Archibus Cloud

Archibus Cloud is a SaaS (software as a service) offering that gives you the tools and flexibility to reduce or expand your workplaces as needed to better control costs and reduce operational overhead. It also helps you create offices that enhance employee performance and satisfaction.

Archibus Cloud helps you:

  • Support your people with workspaces designed to make them as productive as possible.
  • Manage space and office moves to stay ahead of occupancy needs.
  • Track space usage in real time using the latest technology.
  • Get fast and accurate asset inventory data such as content, conditions and lifecycle details.
  • Reduce overhead costs and improve operations ROI with preventive maintenance plans.
  • Stay up to date with security, compliance and technology standards.


Dexaga is a Web-based tool that allows you to quickly mine your data to create reports, charts and graphs in just minutes and without installation or browser plug-in requirements continuing our mantra of 3 clicks or less to usable data.


A reporting module making complex queries possible without the need to know code.

  • Dexaga Reporting - Automatically builds charts and drawing highlights as you review the data, choose the view you like and download.
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Dexaga CADView

A plan view module allowing for quick review of complex graphical views including related table information to rooms.

  • Dexaga CADView - Visually find all related employees, assets and work within a room.
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HE Essentials

HE Essentials is an Archibus extension that supports the space data needs of higher education institutions by providing accurate, required state reports that can be exported with the click of a button. AFS has developed this extension in compliance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board standard for reporting for community, technical and state colleges. This extension enhances the default data sets within Archibus Space and Reservations activities while leveraging data for reporting purposes.

This extension allows you to:

  • Manage all requirements within a single structure.
  • Leverage existing space data and classroom scheduling directly in Archibus or via connectors to your existing scheduling tools.
  • Use Web Central to confirm consistency and accuracy for final delivery to the state using Archibus Connectors.
  • Prepare reports for data validation, exceptions reporting, error logging and final data exports for the following higher education reports:
    • CMB005 – Building and Room Use
    • CMB011 – Facilities Room Inventory
    • CMB014 – Facilities Building Inventory


It’s more important than ever to run an office that helps your team stay healthy and productive.  Envoy teamed with AFS provides the access to your space quickly and safely.  We deliver all via web and mobility tied to your existing systems for a complete package.

Mobile  - Get more out of your workplace. Reserve a spot in the office and sign in when you arrive, invite guests, get notified about packages, book nearby rooms, and more.

Integrations  – Connect with the tools that keep your team and workplace running smoothly. 59 and counting!

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