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Manage Business Operations on the Go with the Archibus OnSite App on Your Mobile Device

As a facilities manager, you have a lot on your plate. From managing utilities to coordinating personnel, data tracking to analysis, good decision-making comes from good data. But this isn’t the 1990s. You are not carrying around a clipboard or sitting at your desk all day.

Today’s productivity tools are designed to give you 24-7 access to information wherever you need it. The problem is portability. This is where IWMS platforms, like Archibus, can help. How you provide an intuitive, integrated interface with the core functionality Archibus has to offer.

Along Comes the OnSite Workplace Management App

Archibus On-site is an easy-to-use SaaS mobile solution for maintenance field workers and technicians who need to access and enter facility data using their smartphones and tablets. It is available on the Apple and Android App Stores.

The SaaS solution ensures easy upgrades and mobile version compatibility. It is offered as part of the Archibus SaaS Maintenance module to provide a full-featured IWMS solution on the go. OnSite communicates with the Archibus-hosted SaaS server, enabling technicians and field workers to work with live data that is refreshed every few minutes. Offline support (cached) is offered, as well as the ability to connect with non-SaaS servers using a Connect tool.

Search for a Work Request

After craftspeople and technicians sign in to OnSite, they review their assigned work list. They can use the Group By feature to organize their assigned work by

  • Priority
  • Due Date
  • Site-Building
  • Schedule Date

They can search for work by entering detail in the Search box or voice-activated search feature.

Access and Update Work Request Details

Once they decide on the job to work on, technicians drill into the job details and refer to floor plans and campus plans for planning and locating their work. As technicians work, they can log their hours, travel time, etc. They can use their phone’s camera to document conditions and connect photos to the work request.

Access Equipment Details

Many of a technician’s tasks involve repairing or servicing complex building equipment. Technicians can review essential reference documents from their mobile device, such as an in-house instruction manual or the manufacturer’s owner manual. They can also access equipment maintenance history and warranty, which might determine how they address the problem.

Communicate with Co-workers

So the technician  can communicate and stay up to date while in the field, OnSite provides push notifications and an activity feed. To reach co-workers needing to comment or work on the job, technicians can use their phones to call, message, or email them. When entering comments, technicians can tag co-workers, who will receive email notifications.

Mobile-First Engagement

With the rise of the flexible workforce, employees greatly rely on their teammates to better connect and collaborate while on the go. With a system that lets you bring everything work-related into a single-mobile solution, you can easily streamline internal operations and improve the team’s collaboration on work. This means managers can stay on top of their teams progress and the technicians can communicate effectively with relevant personnel. Furthermore, having work management accessible software whenever and wherever through mobile devices makes it easy for people to stay connected irrespective of where they work.

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