IWMS, Facility and Workplace Management System Integrator for Today's Hybrid Workforce

IWMS, Facility and Workplace Management System IntegratorThe definition of a hybrid workforce has adapted over the years, and so has the need for software platforms and consulting forms to support it. Today, the term means a workplace that allows staff to split their work between home and the office. The term has gained continued popularity in the post-pandemic era among both employees and employers.

The challenge is that while this is now the preferred model, many of today’s companies are not ready to manage their people in this way. Many companies still work off spreadsheets and homegrown platforms to manage their facilities and real estate.

Integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) are software platforms and applications that help workplaces optimize facilities maintenance and management, oversee resources, provide controls over capital projects, and manage real estate lifecycles. With several important implementation steps needed, IWMS solutions require the right partner to analyze data needs, develop user interfaces, and consolidate existing and new applications.

As a leading iwms facility management integrator, we aim to provide clients with strategic advice, ongoing training, and support to provide the best IWMS solutions on the market and guide them to achieve greater productivity levels.

IWMS Consulting

Our experience on both sides of the relationship, client, and consultant, enables us to understand what questions we should ask and how to address the challenges of embracing an automated solution.

Once we have revised and understood your objectives, we will help redefine processes to address your business challenges and create a strategic plan to implement the precise technology to help make workplace management system as efficient as possible.

We then support you and your team for the product’s life, creating operational improvements as you grow.

IWMS Implementation

Our tools are designed to help access the precise data you need in less than three clicks. This is only possible through our deep industry and product expertise. We use this knowledge to tailor your implementation process to ensure we’ve created a system that can best meet your concerns. This includes taking the time to get you and your team comfortable with the design and function of the solution before formal training begins. Our patient and thorough approach enable your team to become self-sufficient with the knowledge and technology while benefitting from ongoing support.

IWMS Application Support

Our training helps you get the most value from your new system. We can show you how to do what often takes organizations weeks to complete in a day —from a single dashboard on a desktop or mobile device. Spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing and applying it to your benefit. Improve your business operations, track your budget, monitor daily operations, control communications, and more.

IWMS Space Utilization

From people to parcels, Envoy assists you with everything that comes through your firm's doors. Your job doesn't end at the lobby, and neither does ours. To do so, we are working on staff intelligent tools that will help you reduce your workload and brighten your day. We weave our technology into your workplace to ensure that you can focus on more significant issues. We're providing easy, on-demand desk reservation software that allows teams to arrange onsite meetings and reserve desks ahead of time. Meeting rooms and spaces are available on meeting tablets, desks, and smartphones. You can welcome guests, check them in, and maintain proper documentation with our visitor management functions.

Absolute FS is Focused on your long-term success

Our mission is to deliver the right facility management system integration to meet your needs. With our deep experience in facilities, asset management, and building operations of all sizes, our team will improve your processes, provide ongoing guidance and support and help you reach your business goals.