HE Essentials

HE Essentials

To Higher Education Institutions that are looking for a way to manage their space use while reporting quickly and accurately to the state, HE Essentials is an ARCHIBUS extension that will support all of your space data needs and provide reports to review and correct data.  Once your organization is ready, the required state reports can be exported with the click of a button.

Absolute Facility Solutions, LLC (AFS) has developed this extension in compliance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board standard for reporting by Texas Community, Technical and State Colleges.  This extension enhances the default data sets within ARCHIBUS Space and Reservations activities while leveraging data for reporting purposes.


Manage all requirements within a single data structure.  Leverage existing Space data and classroom scheduling directly in ARCHIBUS or via Connectors to your existing scheduling tools.  HE Essentials reports can then be viewed within Web Central to confirm consistency and accuracy for final delivery to the State using ARCHIBUS Connectors.

The Extension includes: reports for data validation, exceptions reporting, error logging and final data exports for these listed Texas HE Reports.

  • CMB005 – Building and Room Use
  • CMB011 – Facilities Room Inventory
  • CMB014 – Facilities Building Inventory
Additional states coming soon!