Eptura Workplace Asset Management Software (formerly iOffice)

Optimize your workplace for today’s world

Take your workplace and asset performance to the next level with the latest integrated experience management solutions (iXMS). These advanced solutions offer more than just traditional IWMS capabilities, enabling you to optimize your operations and prepare for the future using intelligent data.

Eptura Workplace, formerly iOffice, provides a range of integrated tools to help companies manage their workspace, including facilities management, space planning, move management, maintenance management, and more. It is used to help track occupancy and utilization rates, manage service requests and work orders, manage assets and inventory, and schedule meetings and events.

Strategic space & workplace management solutions

Streamline space planning and enhance space utilization across your entire portfolio using a unified, interactive platform. Generate move scenarios for restacking, seat assignments, and office relocations, and effortlessly execute your strategies. Gain instant access to real-time analytics that enable you to adapt your workplace to meet your employees’ requirements and prepare for future expansion.

Facility Asset Management

Visualize and track every detail on your most critical assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Facility Maintenance

Create, view, track, and analyze on-demand and preventive maintenance requests.

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Employee experience solutions

Empower your distributed workforce to find people, reserve space, request service, and receive mail, visitors, or essential communications. Furthermore, you will accumulate insightful information to fine-tune your workspace to suit your needs better.

Room Reservations

By implementing meeting room booking software, you’ll eliminate scheduling conflicts that disrupt collaboration and put empty meeting rooms to work.

Space Panels

Conference room scheduling software that makes reserving a place to meet as easy as tapping a button.

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Office services

Manage inventory with mobile barcode scanning, tracking, and more. Optimize your printing and copying jobs by giving your workforce access to dynamic forms, the ability to attach electronic files, and monitor job status. Simplify mailroom management with automated courier identification, mobile package check-in, and electronic signatures.

Copy & Print Management

Optimize your workplace print center & copy room while enabling your workforce to access dynamic forms to submit requests, attach electronic files, and monitor job status.

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Real-time insights

Gather all the necessary information required for making crucial decisions, whether for daily operations or long-term strategies, in a single, centralized platform. Develop personalized dashboards and readily available reports that give your team immediate insights into your entire portfolio’s performance.

Why eptura workplace?

In today’s era of workplace management, you require a dependable and experienced partner who comprehends the difficulties of the modern workplace. Eptura Workplace, by Eptura, has been a trailblazer in workplace technology since 2002, serving over 8,000 global customers across their four brands. Absolute Facility Solutions is a key partner in deploying Eptura’s solutions.

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Are you ready to take your workplace and asset performance to the next level? With the latest integrated experience management solutions (iXMS) you can optimize your operations and prepare for the future using intelligent data.

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