State of Texas Cooperative Contract.

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Visit DIR website for further information on contract # DIR-TSO-4384.

For additional information about the DIR Co-op Contract Program, go to the DIR Contract Overview page.

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How Public Sector Clients outside of Texas can purchase via AFS's DIR-TSO-4384 contract.


Warranty and Return Policy

Absolute Facility Solutions, LLC (AFS) will pass on any included manufacturer warranties at the time of purchase. In addition, We will work with customers and end users to provide all extended warranty, maintenance, and service programs available at the time of quote. AFS can assist in providing contact and process information for OEMs as needed.

Products & Services

Create a workplace strategy that right-sizes real estate, reduces operational costs and inspires your workforce. Integrate data, roles, and goals into a proactive system that optimizes daily performance, forecasts needs and enables continuous improvement.

ARCHIBUS is an Integrated Workplace Management System that includes products to meet all your Workplace, Facilities and Real Estate Management needs.



For customers looking for an easy way to see their raw data and create presentable ad-hoc reports, Dexaga is a web-based tool that allows you to quickly mine your data and create reports, charts and graphs in minutes, using drag-drop capabilities.  The latest version includes saving reports, importing data, more customization in the look and feel of reports and charts, and ability to setup and save layouts.

This products works with web-based solutions with a database back-end.  It will also allow the selecting of multiple databases for merging data into a single report.

Quotes & Orders

For Contract Questions:

Michelle Ray                                  
800-527-4135 ex. 2                                512-585-9833

For Sales Support:

Patrick Lynass                                 
800-527-4135 ex. 1                                   818-224-8590

Placing Orders:

When placing an order, be sure to include:

Our Contract Details:

Contract terms and conditions

The AFS State of Texas contract and related services consist of contract number DIR-TSO-4384 Appendix A Standard Terms and Conditions.  Additional contract detail can be found on the State of Texas DIR procurement site.

Always review the product and services listed for this state before ordering.  Always place this state’s contract number, DIR-TSO-4384, on the Purchase Order in order to invoke the terms and conditions of this agreement.