ARCHIBUS is the #1 provider of real estate, infrastructure & facilities management solutions in the world, with expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services exceeding $2.7 billion (US).
Organizations of all sizes – spanning sectors such as finance, education, healthcare, government, manufacturing and many others – use ARCHIBUS to deliver timely, relevant facilities and infrastructure information as part of their strategic business plans.

Space Planning & Management

Providing 4 complete modules, the Space Planning & Management domain supports your organizations space reporting needs.  Space Inventory & Performance for tracking actual space (sq. ft.), space types, and departmental allocations.  Personnel & Occupancy to track where people are sitting and report on vacancies.  Space Chargeback  to support accurate chargeback reporting.   Strategic Space Planning to support planning for growth of your organization and predict future space needs.

Building Operations

ARCHIBUS Building Operations provides your organization with the tools to manage and document proper care of your facilities and performance of your workers or contractors.   Preventative Maintenance allows your organization to schedule service for equipment and locations with planning and forecasting tools.   On Demand Work allows your organization to submit requests and track it through completion.  Both provide reporting on time spent, compare estimated vs. actual and track costs.   Condition Assessment provides your organization with the ability to track inspection items, generate Work Requests, and log completion for all assessment items.

Asset Management

ARCHIBUS Asset Management provides 2 products to track all your real property and fixed assets.   Both products allows users to track all fixed assets, tracking where they are located, how many you have, their condition, status, work performed, depreciation and warranties.  This includes furniture, equipment, telecom equipment, software, etc.   Asset Management extends the Asset Portal to include optimization of all assets throughout their full operational life cycle, from acceptance through operational use, re-purposing and disposal.   Enterprise Asset Management integrates strategic real estate planning, capital planning, portfolio project management, finance and operations information to align all assets to an organization’s objectives. Additionally, organizations can use ARCHIBUS' Telecom & Cabling Management to take IT assets to the next level and trace them within the building.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management tracks current and projected holdings, leased vs. owned space, building cost performance and more, to enable insightful planning and execution. Lease Administration can automate lease administration processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and avoid penalties. Cost Administration can increase budgeting accuracy with cash flow reports that generate cost projections for leases, buildings, properties, and accounts. Cost Chargeback & Invoicing provides chargeback reporting and account invoice tracking. The New Advanced Portfolio Forecasting product brings it all together and projects costs and simplifies portfolio planning and forecasting to support multifaceted strategic space planning requirements. Lastly - the most recent addition to the overall package is Strategic Financial Analysis, which gathers costing information from every module for a complete financial review.

Capital Project & Move Management

The Project & Move Management domains introduce 4 products. Project Management to manage projects from an owner's perspective, tracking from creation to closeout and reporting on all projects side-by-side. Capital Budgeting to master the capital budget cycle to achieve improved, centralized strategic planning across the organization. Commissioning to collect, coordinate and share building information to identify and correct design/build issues prior to occupancy, and Enterprise Move Management to streamline the entire move/add/change process and the ability to view move projects with other projects in your organization.

Environmental & Risk Management

With 9 products to choose from, the Environmental & Risk Management will provide your organization with the tools to track and monitor your risks.
Clean Buildings
Compliance Management
Emergency Preparedness
Energy Management
Environmental Health & Safety
Environmental Sustainability
Green Buildings
Hazardous Materials
Waste Management

Workplace Services

ARCHIBUS Reservations allows users to lookup available space based on the configuration, equipment and size needs and reserve the space; it also integrates with MS Outlook. Hoteling allows your remote and floating employees to reserve an office when they need to be on-site or are traveling to other offices in your organization. They can reserve the space for multiple hours or days. The Service Desk product provides users with the ability to submit requests. They could be IT requests routed internally, maintenance requests converted to work requests, or external vendor service tickets like printer repairs, etc. Additionally, ARCHIBUS has modules for Fleet Management (to include mileage logs and maintenance) and a full Key Control Solution.

Technology Extensions

Wanting to integrate with existing products? ARCHIBUS offers various Technology Extensions to do just that. Complete bi-directional integration exist with the Extension for AutoCAD & Revit and the Geospatial Extension for ESRI. A Web Central 3D Navigator for viewing 3D published Revit models for viewing space and assets. A Mobile Framework for the employees in the field. The Smart Client product for power users in your organization. Connectors for integration with other systems. ARCHIBUS also offers Performance Metrics, a tool for reporting across all ARCHIBUS products, from a users's Home Page; showing highlights and alerts.