5 Benefits Of Hiring Facility Management Software Integrator

5 Reasons You Need Desk Booking and Management Software

5 Reasons You Need Desk Booking and Management SoftwareDesk booking and management software is becoming more popular as businesses learn to be more efficient with their workspace. In a post-covid world, leaders seek ways to deliver the most satisfactory on-site experience for employees as they motivate them to work from home for at least part of the week.

Why Do You Need Desk Booking Software?

Due to the pandemic, hybrid workplaces (those which combine remote work with in-office work) have become the new norm, forcing businesses to adjust how they manage their teams and facilities. No longer does a physical desk become necessary for every individual worker. While this may seem ideal, it comes with its own set of challenges. Fortunately, desk booking software can simplify the booking process for employees or clients. Employees can check workspace availability and reserve them using their remote devices. Let's look at a few ways desk booking software can help.


If you manage an office space, you know how important it is to keep track of who uses which desk and when. Underutilized space is a unique challenge as employees return to work.

Desk booking software enables staff to use space they may not otherwise use. For example, the desk they are seeking is not available currently, but a similar one adjacent is available. Every alternative booking amounts to more efficient use of open spaces and better staff accommodations. Desks don't sit unused because booking software gently offers these locations to employees who may not otherwise take them out. 

A desk booking solution allows you to see which desks your employees prefer to book most often and which are avoided. After you identify them, you can analyze why using space management insights.


Integrated workplace management systems with desk booking allow facility managers to learn about the worksite in real time from desk booking data.

  • Managers could know that most of the time, workers book X spaces instead of Y spaces.
  • They spend about two hours there on average.
  • Desks on floors 2 and 3 get used more than desks on floors 1 and 4.

Every bit of booking information that scheduling software records and processes become part of a more extensive set of data that interested parties can use to change the workspace. Keep costs down, make good use of space, allow for social distancing, and give employees access to the room they need to be efficient.


Finding the ideal location to "open shop" takes a lot of time. Suppose you manage 20 employees; each employee takes five minutes daily to search for a desk. That amounts to 100 minutes lost every day.

As a result of a desk scheduling system, workers save time waiting for an open desk or conference room. For example, when you have a reserved parking space and understand how long you will use it, you won't have to waste time looking for an available one.


Picture yourself attending a meeting while someone unlocks the door every five minutes to see if or when the conference room is free. When trying to focus on a task, the last thing you need is someone to ascend to you and inquire how long you plan to be there. The system makes these types of disruptions completely unnecessary.

Employees can proceed to the next available location or time slot if the one they initially selected is not available or shows that it is occupied.


It is clear that we need to consider some important points when it comes to social interaction at the office. Unfortunately, though, this also brings some significant concerns. Although COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, companies still have a moral obligation to their employees. How many of those individuals should be allowed to return to the office? How much remote work will we see in the future?

Software platforms like Envoy limit room occupancy at booking, disable desks to provide distancing, and reserving space in advance.

What is Envoy Desk Management Software?

From people to parcels, Envoy assists you with everything that comes through your company’s doors. Your job doesn't end at the lobby, and neither does Envoy’s. Envoy provides smart tools that help reduce your workload and brighten your day.

Envoy provides easy, on-demand desk booking software that allows teams to arrange onsite meetings and reservations ahead of time. Meeting rooms and spaces are available on meeting tablets and smartphones. You can welcome guests, check them in, and maintain proper documentation with our visitor management functions.

Why Choose Absolute FS As Your Desk Management Partner?

Our mission is to provide the best software for your needs. Our team will enhance your processes, give ongoing guidance & support, and assist you in reaching your business objectives with our extensive experience in facilities, asset tracking, & building operations of any size.

A desk booking software would be a great addition to hybrid workplaces as it allows employees to easily find and book available desks, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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