Installing your software is just the beginning.

We also help streamline your processes and align your software configuration to best meet your business needs. We further support you with ongoing training, discovery workshops, and clear and consistent communication. Our services include:

Expertise Across Multiple Industries

AFS delivers facility management software & solutions to facility operations, IT departments and executive level managers for companies and organizations of all sizes.



Federal, State & Local Governments




We help property managers:

  • Adjust to BOMA 2017 standards to increase the square footage of your wall plate and boost your revenue.
  • Define appropriate, accurate square footage.
  • Determine the actual costs of running a building.
  • Ensure that appropriate maintenance is being performed to extend the life of your building equipment.

We help operations:

  • We help companies of all sizes.
  • Determine vacancy levels in each building.
  • Calculate the cost of running a building.
  • Calculate the average utility costs for your region.

We help building managers:

  • Manage day-to-day operations.
  • Confirm that preventative maintenance is being performed to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Justify staffing requirements based on average workload.
  • Ensure compliance.

We help IT departments:

  • Track assets to personnel and departments.
  • Confirm personnel moves align with asset locations.
  • Track active and historical tickets to assets.
  • Integrate with multiple sources into a concise format for use.

Our process helps you reach your profit potential.


Get the most productive system for your needs within your timeline and budget.

We listen to your needs and a develop a game plan to deliver results.


We implement your system and perform user testing to ensure it’s ready for your team.

Get the most productive system for your needs within your timeline and budget.


AFS supports you for the life of your solution.

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