We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.

Application Support

We have over 35 years combined end-user and service experience in product implementation and development for customers in various markets, with a focus on government and healthcare.


Consulting Services

Whether you are purchasing new facility management software or looking to make change to fit your organization, we can help. We look at your organizations short and long-term needs.


CAD/BIM Services

With over 30 years of experience with AutoCAD, focused on the built environment, we can help your organization standardize and maintain drawings for web use.


Field Surveys

Wanting to track the location of employees or assets? Looking for updated space configurations for planning and moves? Here is how we can help.


We are proud of our work.

Property Managers Increase Revenue
    Defined appropriate square footage
    Determine actual cost to run the building
    Assure that appropriate maintenance is performed for longer life of building equipment
Companies consolidate operations
    Determine level of vacancies in each building
    Cost to run each building – which building is running most efficiently
    Average utility costs for region
Building Managers
    Establish a baseline of day-to-day maintenance
    Assure that preventative maintenance is being performed to the manufacturer’s specifications
    Justify staffing requirements based on average workload
IT Departments
    Tracking Assets
    Telecom Tracing
    Tracking service tickets to actual assets
    Tracking computer equipment that has been issued to each person or department

We are here for you.

With our combined 35+ years of experience within the product and industry, we bring our customers a high level of expertise and understanding working towards the right solution for their organization. Our solution is simple, we ...

Listen to the customer’s end goals and current struggles to get there

Consider the long-term impact when delivering a solution

Provide options that fit the client’s timeline and budget

Deliver an appropriate solution, on-time and on-budget

We do this by leveraging our years of experience in running projects, working with clients in various vertical markets, and from our own end user experience. We believe…

Happy customers still love what you do today, three years from now

Happy employees are loyal and will go the extra mile when needed

Good ownership provides the care and attention necessary to accomplish the first two

We would love to hear from you.